Champagne Gaston Collard - Brut Grand Cru

Champagne Gaston Collard - Brut Grand Cru


This biodynamic Grand Cru, signed Gaston Collard, is a frank champagne typical of its terroir.

It is made of grapes from the Grand Cru terroir of Bouzy, renowned for the maturity of its Pinots Noirs.

This cuvée is blended from freshly harvested Chardonnay (10%) and Pinot Noir (90%). This wine of the year is completed by an addition of reserve wine (20%) which gives it a beautiful complexity.

It benefits from 15 to 24 months of cellar ageing and a sugar dosage of 10 g/l which enhances the natural roundness of this wine.

The result is a champagne with a frank attack and aromas of green apple and pear. Perfect for an aperitif in any season!

It goes wonderfully well with dried tomatoes, olive tapenade, gougères and mozzarella.

Aspect: lemon yellow, with a beautiful string of bubbles.

Nose: fresh with notes of green apple.

Palate: a frank attack with apple notes. In the mouth, pear predominates.

Contains sulfites

Luc Pinet, le 2023-10-16

Une merveille !

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About champagne Gaston Collard

This family estate is located on the Grand Cru de Bouzy terroir.

Amandine and Cyril Collard have been making biodynamic champagnes there since 2012. Their vines benefit from the ideal conditions offered by this exceptional terroir, known for the magnificent maturity of its Pinot Noirs.

This confidential estate of less than 2 hectares produces champagnes with a style that combines freshness, vivacity and richness of aromas.

Gaston Collard champagne is a very confidential house, offering a premium selection in very limited quantities, featuring champagnes and traditional wines from the region!

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