Drouilly LV Champagne

With a family history spanning four generations, the Drouilly House is now managed by Vincent Drouilly, who perpetuates the secret of the production of Drouilly LV champagnes.
With a family vineyard of nine hectares, planted with 90% Pinot Noir and 10% Chardonnay, the House benefits from the exceptional quality of a clay-limestone subsoil.

The Drouilly LV Terroir Champagne

Located in the southernmost part of the vineyard, the Côte des Bar is undoubtedly the most unknown of the Champagne regions. It is in this area sculpted by the Ource and its tributaries that the village of Noé-les-Mallets, cradle of the Drouilly LV champagne, is nestled.

Located at the source of the Ru de Noé, this vineyard benefits from the favorable conditions offered by the micro-valley. .

The Production Secrets of the House

Concerned about respecting the environment and the quality of its wines, the Drouilly LV House practices sustainable viticulture. Traditionally harvested, the grapes, once pressed, are partly matured in oak, for a minimum ageing period of four years.

Wishing to develop greater transparency, the House is part of the Terra vitis network. A unique approach in France, this independent network offers the opportunity for healthy and authentic wines to stand out. .

Also a member of the "Champagnes de Vignerons" label, the Drouilly LV House is proud of its family history.

Unlike wine merchants, the winegrowers of the Drouilly LV House make their champagne from wines exclusively harvested from their vines. If the authenticity of the wines is one of the criteria of this label, their uniqueness is equally important. Famous for their exceptional Angeline and Œil de Perdrix vintages, the Drouilly LV winegrower rightly deserve this label of excellence. .

Which dishes go well with the Drouilly LV Champagne?

Resulting from the blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, the Drouilly LV champagnes will delight your taste buds with their rich and fruity aromas.

The "Oeil de Perdrix" from the Saignée Rosé Cuvee will enhance both your aperitifs and desserts with its surprising notes. .