Champagne Thierry Fournier

With the Marne Valley as his playground, Thierry Fournier produces champagnes that reflect his terroir.

Gluttony, vinosity and richness are the key words of its range. The long rest in the cellar that Thierry gives his champagnes gives them a recognizable style and identity.

Terroir of Thierry Fournier champagne

A striking landscape of wine-growing Champagne, the Marne valley traces its path through a natural opening from Paris and towards Épernay. Shaped by millions of years of erosion and alluvial deposits, this valley and its hillsides constitute a mosaic of terroirs conducive to the development of vines, if a discerning eye is capable of detecting their potential. .

Long relegated to the background by trading and the biggest champagne houses, the Marne valley is now taking a well-deserved revenge. A new generation of winegrowers eager to prove themselves and surpass their elders in expertise has set out to rediscover this terroir and its emblematic grape variety, also long mistreated in the hearts of amateurs.

There is no longer any need to demonstrate it, the clay-limestone soils of the Marne valley have very great potential. Whether it is the retention of water deep in the heart of the fire, or the aromatic richness transmitted to the grapes, this subsoil has many advantages. The turpitudes of the river through the ages have also made it possible to create a great diversity of soils across this region, from fertile silt along the river to outcropping chalk as we approach Épernay.

It is in the heart of these terroirs that Thierry Fournier champagne is located, a family farm of 15 hectares which constitute as many plots suitable for blending.

New generation and new vision

Quite logically, it is Pinot Meunier which is at the heart of the work of Maison Fournier. With 80% of the estate's surface area, this grape variety is dominant, both in the vines and in the blends. Developed on clay-limestone soils, it expresses itself fully. What emerges is a unique and distinctive wine, a true calling card of the Thierry Fournier house.

With a plot extending over nearly 11 communes, our winegrower has as many aromatic profiles which constitute his working base. For the moment limited, the range of Thierry and Julien Fournier champagnes is intended to be expanded over the course of desires, discoveries, but above all the potential of the terroirs and the years. Because Julien embodies the 5th generation of winegrowers in the family and he intends to anchor his range in his terroir. This naturally involves working in accordance with the previous generation, but also asserting your style. A project which starts from the vineyard, from the knowledge of its plot, from the microclimates to the winemaking techniques with, in its sights, a clear objective: to create an identity as strong as it is unique.

The style of champagne Thierry Fournier

The soils on which the vines of Maison Thierry Fournier rest offer another way to discover champagne, more delicious, vinous and rich. Our winegrower gives himself the means to allow his champagne to mature in the cellar in order to reach its aromatic peak. It is only at the cost of this long wait that Thierry Fournier is able to produce champagne with such a strong identity.