Organic Champagne

Organic Champagne is a wine produced from organically grown grapes. Therefore, soil life, fauna and flora are respected as there are no chemical inputs in the vineyards. Since 2012, non-organic inputs are also prohibited in the winemaking phase...

Looking for a more natural champagne? Then this section is definitely for you!

Organic champagne, what does it consist of?

The main objectives behind organic viticulture are to respect soil life, to preserve biodiversity and terroirs, and to seek a more natural wine. No chemical inputs in the vineyard or in the winemaking process, less sulphur used... In short, more difficult regulations that lead to certification, which can be proudly placed on the bottle label.

This certification cannot be obtained rapidly, as the organic conditions must be fulfilled in the vineyard and the cellar for three consecutive years. It is during the fourth year that the winegrower will officially obtain the label. Of course, not all estates consider this award to be essential: some prefer not to show it, explaining that organic wine is above all a way of thinking, of making wine, and not a commercial operation.

Lastly, it is important to remember that working in the vineyards is complicated, especially when it is done organically. More labour, more risks... This also explains the sometimes higher prices. Increasingly available on the market, organic champagnes meet a growing consumer demand. This is why, for the past few years, many wineries have taken the plunge and decided to lead their domain in this direction.

Which organic champagne to choose?

It is difficult to choose when you have not tasted it yet... That's why the Champagne Terroir team has selected the best of the winemakers' champagnes for you. So don't worry, our knowledge about our winegrowers and their know-how have enabled us to select the best Champagne wines for you so that you can enjoy your bubbles serenely. Click on our cuvées (vintages) to find out more and if you are lost, feel free to ask our experts all your questions via the chat (bottom right of your screen) or by email via the contact form.