André Chemin Champagne

André Chemin has been a family House since its creation in 1948. It blends its champagnes in the heart of the Reims mountains.

Today, Sébastian and his wife Eva are at the head of a 6.5 hectare family estate on the Premier Cru hills of the Reims Mountain. Little has changed in 70 years in this family champagne House, which has managed to preserve its love of the vine.

Since André Chemin founded the company in 1948, this family business has promoted the know-how and "savoir-vivre" of Sacy, his home village, to the most prestigious international tasting fairs.

The André Chemin vines are mainly composed of Pinot Noir, the emblematic grape variety of this historic region of Champagne. The house produces some 55,000 bottles of champagne each year.

The terroir of André Chemin champagne

Although Sacy appears similar to so many other Champagne villages at first glance, it holds two wine-growing treasures that are not lost on wine-lovers. Not only is it located in the heart of the Reims Mountain terroir, but it is also one of the few Champagne villages whose vines bear the Premier Cru label.

This means that not only are the vines of André Chemin Champagne located at the heart of one of the historic regions of the Champagne terroir, one that is famous for the quality of its pinots noirs, they are also ideally placed on the Champagne hillsides with the best exposure and subsoil.

Moving towards sustainable viticulture

Eva and Sébastian, the third generation of a long line of winegrowers, now work in this rather favorable environment. Under their leadership, the company has been reforming its viticultural methods since 2015 and has been rewarded with the High Environmental Value (HEV) and Sustainable Viticulture certifications.

Simply put, these two labels testify to the quality of the entire terroir of the winery, either in terms of stimulating biodiversity (agro-ecological infrastructures such as hedges, grassed strips, bushes...), reducing the use of phytosanitary products or controlling irrigation.

André Chemin Champagne has always known how to stay true to itself. The André Chemin House now looks to the future with serenity and optimism.