Réaut Champagne

Since 1992, the Réaut family domaine in the Côte des Bar region has been dedicated to biodynamic viticulture. Over 10 hectares and 4 communes, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier and Pinot Gris make up the domaine's grape varieties. The 30-year-old vines thrive on clay-limestone soils, and the care lavished on the domaine's vines enables them to reveal their full potential.

In the glass?

A champagne with fine bubbles and a low dosage that lets the specific characteristics of the Côte des Bar terroir express themselves for our greatest pleasure. A champagne for all festive and emotional moments, from the bubbles to the sparkling end of the night. "

A shared adventure respectful of the environment

At Domaine Réaut, the importance of the winemaker's sense of gesture must be understood to grasp the magnificence of the champagnes. Alain Réaut inherited his father's vineyards in the 80s, at a time when he was destined to become a haulier. He slowly fell in love with the winegrowing profession and decided to give meaning to his work. The story of Domaine Réaut really began in the early 90s, when Alain Réaut, Jean-Pierre Fleury and Eric Schreiber discussed their practices in the vineyard. The turning point? The color of the grape juice. Alain Réaut and Jean-Pierre Fleury compared the limpidity of their harvest juices and found that his was duller and less limpid than his colleague's, who had recently converted to biodynamic viticulture Eric Schreiber joined the adventure as he was convinced of the quality of biodynamic practices for his grapes. Realizing the impact of biodynamic practices in the vineyard on the quality of his wines was the first step towards a profound transformation of the domaine's philosophy. Together with his wife, Thérèse, Alain completely overhauled his way of cultivating the vines and continued to deepen his knowledge of biodynamic viticulture over the years. His attention to the soil led him to reduce the use of chemical treatments, until he fully converted his 10 hectares of vines to organic and biodynamic farming, putting an end to drip-fed vines and bringing the soil and grapes to life. In 1992, the vineyard was certified by Ecocert and Demeter. This first achievement was followed in 1995 by the first bottles to be certified Biodynamic Agriculture and marketed.

"It all starts with the soil and the respect we show it. That's where the difference lies and where the terroir can express itself, when the roots go deep down to the bedrock to draw its identity and typicity."

Embracing the importance of the environment

The importance of life for this winemaker and his attachment to the life of the soil are essential to understanding the complexity of his champagnes. Ploughing, scratching, composting (cow and horse manure, hemp), biodynamic preparations (nettle, horsetail, yarrow, valerian, silica) all contribute to enhancing soil life at the Réaut domaine, and are rooted in a global understanding of the environment: cosmos, planets and stars all play a part in sublimating the wines. Whether the forces come from below, as in the earth, or from above (air, light, heat), everything is looked after to ensure that the champagnes deliver their full potential. As a connoisseur of vineyard mechanics, Alain Réaut never ceases to cultivate his curiosity, using innovative equipment such as rotating mechanical brushes for weed control or treatment recovery panels. The Champagne Réaut's mantras are to understand its environment, to accompany the vines and their soils to the point of paying the utmost attention to the grapes, and to adapt to innovations and transformations in the vineyard.

The delicacy of great champagnes

The result in the glass impresses with its refinement and elegance at all times. The expertise and quality of the upstream work never cease to impress when tasted. The secret? Regular tasting of all vats and barrels to ensure the quality and unique expression of these champagnes. The wine must first be of the highest quality, before the effervescence that makes it so sublime. The fine bubbles, the energy of Réaut champagne for the great evening's festivities, and the discreet dosage allow the terroir and the attention to the vines to express themselves in their most delicate contours and their most beautiful lines. Drink it to believe it, for the range is so seductive.