Bérat Schenk Champagne

Founded by the grandfather of the current owner, Roger Bérat, the House was established from family land. This family estate has kept its authenticity over the years.
Far from the image of the bigger Champagne Houses, Bérat-Schenk embodies the independent winegrower who contributes to the richness of the Champagne terroir and its traditions. They are amongst the rare winegrowers to still use traditional Champagne presses and oak barrels to age their harvests.
Now in the hands of Roger Bérat and his son Frédéric, the estate probably produces one of the best Blanc de noirs champagnes.

The Bérat Schenk Champagne

Located in the Marne Valley, the Epernay region is one of the most famous in Champagne. Taking advantage of the exceptional quality of the soil, Bérat Schenk has developed its vineyard on the slopes of the Marne Valley. Belonging to the so-called "chalky" region of Champagne, this wine-growing area is characterized by the predominance of Pinot Meunier.

The small village of Boursault stands on the hillside, only a few kilometers downstream of Epernay. Surrounded by vineyards, this wine-growing village has been home to Bérat-Schenk Champagne since the 1950s. .

Bérat Schenk's elaboration secrets

Champagnes are made from the red grape varieties Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier (the latter being mainly used in the Marne Valley). .

Berat Schenk Champagne distinguishes itself by being fermented in oak barrels. Once so common, the woody aroma that impregnates the wine is now threatened by the widespread use of stainless steel tanks. Preserved in optimal conditions, at a constant ambient temperature of ten degrees Celsius, the bottles are stirred manually every day for four to five weeks. .

The first winemaking step, alcoholic fermentation, takes place immediately after pressing and is essential for the formation of the wine's flavor and aroma. This transformation results in a champagne that is remarkable and powerful on the palate. .

Far from the quantities produced by major companies, the Berat-Schenk estate focuses all its attention on the quality of its wine, whose reputation is well established.

Which dishes go well with Berat Schenk Champagne?

Recognizable among all by the power of its aromas, Bérat-Schenk Champagne is the result of passionate and long-term work. .

This champagne will accompany all your meals, from the aperitif to the dessert. An ideal partner to enhance your dishes, this Blanc de Noirs can be appreciated during a meal with both furred and feathered game. .

Berat-Schenk semi-dry Champagne will also go well with your desserts, served with either dry or soft cakes made with dried fruits and spices, madeleines or creamy desserts. .

This champagne will bring an excellent end to your family meals.