Champagne Brut

Who says champagne often says Champagne Brut, but what does this mention really mean?

Brut cuvées are the signature of each Champagne house and undoubtedly the most representative champagne of the winemaker's know-how.

Thanks to its balanced dosage (between 6 and 12g of sugar per litre), Brut champagne will accompany your aperitifs as well as your desserts, including your dishes based on fish and white meat.

What is a Brut champagne?

The development of a champagne is a process that requires long months of patience and a large number of operations, in particular the dosage. This step consists of adding an expedition liqueur, a mixture of sugar and reserve wine, in order to make up for the loss of a few centiliters during disgorgement. It is the concentration of liquor added that will determine whether the champagne will be sweet, brut, extra-brut or brut nature

A Brut champagne is therefore a champagne containing between 6 and 12g of sugar per litre. By far the most common, brut champagne goes well with many dishes. A real must for your aperitifs, its relatively low sugar level allows it to accompany you from the beginning to the end of your meals.

What is the difference between a brut champagne and a dry champagne?

As you will have understood, these two mentions refer to two different sugar dosages. If a Brut champagne contains between 6 and 12g of sugar, the dry champagne will contain between 17 and 32g. Unlike Brut, Dry champagne is one of the sweetest champagnes and will be more suitable to accompany you on desserts such as a pie, pastries or even on cheeses.

How to choose a good Brut champagne?

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