Champagne Marteaux Guillaume

In Bonneil, in the Marne Valley, the Guillaume Marteaux estate brings a new wave to Champagne with its 8 hectares certified organic (Ecocert) since 2022 and biodynamic (Demeter) since 2023. While pinot meunier reigns, chardonnay and pinot noir also find their place to produce flavorful and complex champagnes that keep on gaining ground year after year.

A progression worth taking a closely look, given the sublime effervescence at Marteaux!

Champagne Marteaux: A New Wave in Organic Wine

Located in Bonneil, in the Marne Valley and west of Champagne, the Guillaume Marteaux estate has been captivating enthusiasts for 5 generations. Guillaume, a worthy descendant of a family rooted in viticulture, inherited a legacy that allows him to evolve traditions. In this small village classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the 8 hectares of vineyards nestle in a cirque of hills, expressing their full potential on a unique terroir. Within this natural amphitheater, the diversity of soils allows the vines to flourish and meet their needs. The clayey-limestone, marl, and clayey soils produce wines of great complexity, showcasing Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay, and Pinot Noir. Facing south/southeast, the vineyard is crossed by a vein of sand and is situated at an altitude of 120 meters, protected from prevailing winds. The grapes benefit from ample sunlight, remaining ripe and flavorful.

Guillaume Marteaux: Earth, People, and Vine

Initially nurserymen, the Marteaux family made strong choices in the vineyards, epitomized by mass selection, preserving the genetic heritage in the vineyard. In 2003, upon completing his oenology studies, Guillaume established Champagne Marteaux Guillaume. Expanding his operation and integrating innovative ideas and his passion for the land, Guillaume has always sought the optimum to make his champagnes shine and preserve his terroir. Aware of being only a temporary custodian, he puts his heart into returning the land to his children in a similar or even better condition than today.

"We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children." Antoine de Saint Exupéry

Thus, he took the step towards organic farming in 2018 and decided to change his production methods. With the Ecocert certification obtained in 2022 and Demeter in 2023, Champagne Guillaume Marteaux works without synthetic chemicals, employing natural cover crops and compost to achieve the right balance of the soils. Thanks to the mass selection established by the earlier generations of the family, the vineyard is now healthy, resilient, and endowed with a certain immunity that allows it to envision the future, a distant one. The currently available cuvées are not labeled in both categories, as the harvest for these falls either before the certification dates or during the transition period of conversion. But rest assured, they are coming, and in the meantime, you can already taste the undeniable talent of this winemaker!