Champagne LS Cheurlin

Winegrowers for several generations, the Cheurlin family has been producing organic champagnes in the Côte des Bars.
Combine the faith of a grandfather in this little-known terroir, a great oenologist's advice, a family of enthusiasts with women of strong character, and you get LS Cheurlin Champagne!
The champagnes of this estate are distinguished above all by their expressiveness. They are frank and expressive wines that delight our taste buds!

A history of Men and Terroir

The history of LS Cheurlin Champagne is deeply rooted in its terroir: the Côte des Bar.
The origins of the house go back to Edmond Cheurlin (1881-1946). This winegrower, and fervent defender of the Aube's heritage, contributed to the great "Champagne Revolution". Led by the winegrowers of the South of the current PDO (Protected Designation of Origin), it allowed the Champagne appellation to finally be recognised in this region. At the time, the Aube wines were exclusively made in barrels and then sold to the big Marne houses, which blended and marketed them under their own name.
In spite of difficult years, between economic crisis and world wars, his son Raymond (1909-1994) decided to start winemaking and marketing on the property. He created his own brand and started selling Cheurlin champagnes to private individuals.
The family business also owes a great deal to André Cheurlin, the grandfather of the current winemakers. Driven by a real faith in his region's potential, he invested in the most beautiful coteaux between the 1950s and 1970s, thus enabling the family to produce remarkable wines.

The estate

Located in Celles-sur-Ource, in the heart of the Côte des Bars, the family vineyard expanded in order to diversify the soils and the wines. The vineyards spread over the Ource, Seine and Arce valleys. This is where the family's grape varieties are grown: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and some Pinot Blanc, a variety that has almost disappeared in the rest of the Champagne region. The search for harmony between grape variety and terroir is at the heart of the family's approach without which LS Cheurlin champagnes could not be made.

Since their return to the family estate, Sébastien and Lucie have experimented with various alternatives to chemical viticulture to bring life back into their soils. Together, this sister and brother have brought their 5-hectare vineyard to organic viticulture. Their constant pursuit of improvement has led them to apply biodynamic preparations, resulting in champagnes of unparalleled vitality. Tasting these naturally lively and frank champagnes will convince you of the benefits of organic viticulture!