Christian Naudé Champagne

Today, it is Magali and Geoffroy who embody and manage the Christian Naudé Champagne House, a champagne House passed down from generation to generation. The estate extends over 6.5 hectares of hillsides producing red grapes with white juice composing the Blanc de noirs champagnes.
For a long time, Christian Naudé entrusted the blending processes to a winegrower’s cooperative in Epernay. It was not until the 1980s that Christian Naudé champagne broke away from this cooperative and became a manipulating harvester. This company equipped the estate with vats and a press.
Since then, the vinification and blending processes of the Christian Naudé champagnes have been carried out on the estate with their newly acquired status manipulating harvester. All the vatting work (vinification, blending,...) is now done in Charly sur Marne. The pressing stage, using one of the last traditional Champagne presses, is one of the highlights of the House's winery work.
Geoffroy, who is in charge of the winemaking of the House, blends, according to the harvest, the grape varieties and the vintages, to obtain a fine and elegant champagne, the Christian Naudé Champagne.

The Terroir of the Christian Naudé Champagne

With 8,000 hectares, the Marne Valley extends from the center of Champagne to the limits of the Seine-et-Marne.The heart of this region is not located in the Marne but in the Aisne, between Reims and Paris and is characterized by its clay-chalk soils. The villages of this region of the AOP Champagne have remained discreet, mainly cultivating pinot noir vines, giving their champagnes a fruity bouquet.

It is on this land of viticulture that the Christian Naudé champagne has been present for 5 generations. The House was indeed founded during the 20th century by a couple of winegrowers from Charly sur Marne.

What can you eat with the Christian Naudé champagne?

This harvester’s Blanc de noirs champagne is characterized by its power but also by the fruitiness of its aromas. Its freshness and roundness on the palate make it an excellent champagne for your aperitifs and game meals.