Champagne Solemme

This family estate is located in the Montagne de Reims terroir and has been practicing organic viticulture since 2010.

Olivier Langlais, the winemaker behind Solemme Champagne, advocates first and foremost simplicity and honesty in his wines. The vines are organically grown and treated using the even more demanding biodynamic methods.

A true exception in the Champagne region, this family house makes its wines using only the year's wines. Solemme champagnes are wines of character with no added sugar to fully express the aromas of each vintage!

Behind Solemme Champagne

This house of independent winemakers is located in the North of the Champagne region, a few kilometres South of Reims. This is where the family cultivates 6 hectares of vines across five Premier Cru terroirs in the Montagne de Reims and one in the Ardre Valley. This diversity of vineyard locations does not represent a logistical challenge, but rather a wonderful playground for Olivier Langlais.

The soil diversity (chalk, clay-limestone, sandy silt) and the different exposures of the coteaux help produce grapes that are ideal for creating wines of character. The family cultivates the three main Champagne grape varieties which are Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier.

Since 2010, the family has introduced organic farming on a growing part of its vineyard. This initiative is at the core of the champagne identity produced by the house. These are singular wines deeply marked by their terroir. In addition to grassing and natural substances that help the vine to defend itself, Solemme champagne uses biodynamic methods. The rest of the vineyard uses sustainable viticulture.

The grapes harvested from this long, reasoned and organic process are vinified separately at the Villedommange producers' cooperative. This historical association of the winegrowers from the village and its surroundings allows the sharing of equipment that would otherwise be too expensive, while maintaining the singularity of each winegrower's wines. Blending the terroirs and ageing is then carried out by Olivier in the cellars of the family estate.

Solemme champagne is a real exception in Champagne. Each of the cuvées produced by the house is made from a single harvest. Conversely, most champagnes produced in the region are blended, making them from a mixture of the year's wines and reserve wines. This common practice allows the winemaker to keep the same aromatic profile from one year to the next. The champagnes produced by Solemme are therefore wines of character and great typicity. The fine grape varieties and the absence of added sugar in almost all the organic vintages result in champagnes of unrivalled aromatic purity, and yet destined for a wide audience!

Sole exception in the whole range, the Plénitude de Solemme cuvée (dosed at 5g/l), will allow you to familiarise yourself with these gastronomic wines while being certain to please all your guests. In contrast, the Ambre de Solemme cuvée is a more confidential wine. This brut natural champagne, with an unclaimed vintage, is produced from a single plot of land. An ideal champagne for those who love singular wines!