Huguenot Tassin Champagne

Created in 1984, the Huguenot Tassin Champagne House was passed on in 2008 to a second generation of winegrowers.
With respect as its core value, the Huguenot Tassin House practices sustainable viticulture which adapts to the needs of the vine in order to produce a better quality grape.
Voluntarily reducing productivity, the 6 hectares or so that make up the Huguenot-Tassin estate are the subject of passionate attention, which has become rare in Champagne vineyards today.

The terroir of the Huguenot Tassin Champagne

Located in the Aube, the Côte des Bar is still the least known areas of the Champagne terroir. The southernmost part of the Champagne region, the Côte des Bar is characterized by its marly subsoils and the wide predominance of Pinot Noir.

Located about a hundred kilometers south of Epernay, the Ource Valley is home to one of the most prestigious villages in Champagne: Celles sur Ource. It is in this village that the Huguenot Tassin House has been established for more than 30 years. .

The Secrets of the House

The use of the disappearing Pinot Blanc, one of the traditional grape varieties of the Côte de Bar, gives the Huguenot Tassin champagnes a truly unique flavor.

It is with talent and passion that the Huguenot Tassin winegrowers blend this grape variety, with its round and fruity aromas, with the emblematic Pinot Noir from the Côte des Bar. .

This rare blend of Pinot Blanc has allowed the Huguenot Tassin Champagnes to distinguish themselves in many regional and national competitions.

Concerned by maintaining a small scale production, the Huguenot Tassin House has chosen to be part of the Champagne de Vignerons label. .

Created in 2001, this label exclusively gathers owners who vinify their grapes on their estate.

A sign of recognition of the independence of the winegrowers, this label rewards the exceptional work the Huguenot Tassin champagnes benefit from. .

Also praised by a number of specialized magazines such as Gilbert and Gaillard, Huguenot Tassin champagnes illustrate the potential of this little-known region of Champagne. .

Which dishes go well with Huguenot Tassin champagne?

Thanks to their finesse, Huguenot Tassin champagnes can accompany an aperitif as well as other culinary experiences.

Let yourself be carried away by the surprising combination of "Les Fioles" cuvee and exotic dishes. Ideal with your appetizers, this champagne will also go well with your favorite fish dish during your gourmet meals. .