Pierson Cuvelier Champagne

Created in 1901, this family estate now owns about ten hectares spread over twelve municipalities, exclusively classified as Grand Cru or Premier Cru. The Pierson-Cuvelier company produces its champagne according to a recipe handed down from generation to generation.
The result is a traditional wine full of aromas and finesse. Located in the middle of the Bollinger and Moët & Chandon estates, the Pierson-Cuvelier Champagne vineyards grow on an exceptional land.
Carrying out his passion for working the vine throughout the seasons, the winegrower Pierson-Cuvelier develops prestigious champagnes.

The Pierson Cuvelier Champagne

The Reims Mountain stand sout in the Champagne region by the brutality of its relief. Its steep slopes offer the Pinot Noir power and nobility. Located between Reims and Epernay, the village of Louvois is nestled in this natural escarpment. It is in the heart of this mosaic of hillsides that the Pierson-Cuvelier House has been making its champagnes for three generations. .

The secrets of the House

The fruit of an entire year of hard work and passion, Pierson-Cuvelier Champagnes complete their delicate maturation at the bottom of the chalky cellars for three years.

Aging his wines in temperature-controlled vats and barrels, the producer Pierson-Cuvelier combines modern techniques and traditional heritage so that this wine from the heart of the vintage keeps all the promises of a great champagne. A member of the "Vignerons Indépendants" (Independent Winegrowers)and "Les Champagnes de Vignerons" (Winegrower’s Champagne) labels, the Pierson Cuvelier House guarantees its consumers a champagne that combines the power and fruitiness of Pinot Noir with the finesse and elegance of Chardonnay.

Furthermore, these champagnes are produced in a way that respects the soil and the environment. Pierson-Cuvelier has not used insecticides in its vines for 19 years now, practicing sustainable viticulture by limiting the use of SO as much as possible, but also by no longer using any chemical compound when cleaning its tanks. .

Which dish goes well with Pierson Cuvelier Champagne?

Ideal with a dessert or as an aperitif, Pierson-Cuvelier champagne will surprise you with its aromas of dried fruit.