Champagne Duchenes Bourgeois

As you travel up the Marne River from the Parisian region, wine enthusiasts quickly find themselves surprised by the early appearance of numerous vineyards and hillsides along the river. This is where the wine region of Champagne begins with its first vines and vintners. It is in this nearby Marne valley that the Duchenes Bourgeois family has been cultivating and vinifying their champagne for several generations. Welcome to the realm of rounded, fruity champagnes, predominantly made from the pinot meunier grape!

What about the house style?

Fruity, sometimes even spicy, inherited from pinot meunier, the emblematic grape of the region.

The Duchenes Bourgeois Champagne Exception

Well-established on the hillsides, the vineyards may seem unchanged to most untrained observers. Yet, all these plots, sometimes barely a few acres, are subject to many movements and successions, sometimes leading to the division of what was once a distinct terroir. Thus, it may only take a few years to see unique plots, with their exposure and subsoil, divided among several owners. The unity of the terroir can then be shattered, as the different methods and choices of cultivation break what was once a uniform and coherent space. Disturbed in this way, the vineyard will cease to produce grapes to the height of its potential.

Over the successions, many family estates have been divided this way, with each generation reshaping the land. However, there are certain families for whom history has been written in the opposite direction—families for whom the land has reconstituted itself, or at least been preserved from generation to generation. The Duchenes Bourgeois family is one of them.

Situated in the meanders of the Marne valley, this Champagne domain on the outskirts was founded in 1920 by Dominique Duchene Bourgeois's grandfather, the current winemaker. Three generations have cultivated the vine, more than enough time to see the estate fragmented and shared. However, it never happened. Thus, at the helm of 5.2 hectares planted with chardonnay, pinot noir, and pinot meunier, Dominique contemplates the future peacefully, assured by his son Wilson.

What about Duchenes Bourgeois champagnes?

In line with their terroir, the entire range reveals a distinct character. Ubiquitous throughout the range, with the logical exception of the blanc de blancs, pinot meunier imparts the typical fruity aromas to the house's champagnes. This guiding thread is reinforced through aging and a perfectly mastered blend of the other grape varieties of the house. Accessible, with their very own personality, Duchenes Bourgeois champagnes are a perfect introduction for all bubble enthusiasts, whether you are looking for a champagne to share with friends as an aperitif or the perfect effervescence for your wedding.