Xavier Alexandre Champagne

The Xavier Alexandre House was founded in 1933 and has since been handed down from father to son. It is located in Courmas, a beautiful village in the heart of the vineyards west of the Reims Mountain.
Xavier Alexandre, who took over the family business from his father Yves, is a harvester-handler, i.e. he grows the vines on the family estate, makes the wines and markets them himself.

The Terroir

The vineyard of Maison Alexandre extends over 7 hectares spread over ten villages in the Marne, five of which are Premier Cru (Champillon, Coulommes-la-Montagne, Dizy, Ville-Dommange, Vrigny).

The best grapes from each plot are carefully selected so that the wines are able to fully express the character of each terroir. The vines are grown in an environmentally friendly manner using sustainable viticulture methods. The wines are also produced according to traditional Champagne methods.

The wines of the House accurately and authentically express the uniqueness of the terroirs from which they come.