Champagne Piot Sévillano

It is precisely when one thinks to know a vineyard by heart that one often makes the greatest discoveries. In this specific case, were are heading to Marne Valley, the undisputed realm of Pinot Meunier, a grape variety too often drowned in blends.

At Piot Sévillano, it is exactly the opposite. The grape varieties are vinified separately and expressed through a range that beautifully showcases the terroir.

Lovers of characterful champagne will be delighted.

A few words about Champagne Piot Sévillano:

The story of Champagne Piot Sévillano starts with an expertise and vineyards passed down from generation to generation since the 19th century. It's also about a lifestyle choice, that of a journalist and a web developer who decide to step away from the digital world, trading their keyboards for pruning shears and tractors.

It was in 2007 that Christine and Vincent decided to join forces and take over the family estate. While the estate had been well managed up to that point, it started aging, and the new partners had ambitious goals both regarding quality and environmental commitment. This transition provided them with an opportunity to reshape the estate, focusing more on nature, soil, and independence. Year after year, an increasing amount of grapes are being vinified on the property, and the first certifications start to make appear, starting with the High Environmental Value (HVE) label, moving towards recognition of their vineyard's conversion to organic practices.