Louis Casters Champagne

Louis Casters was founded in Damery in 1899 by Eugène Cadel. Eugène was born in 1857 and comes from an old family of winegrowers from Damery. He had his Champagne House built at the end of the 19th century in the middle of this village. The House is still located there today.
Eugène's son-in-law succeeded him in 1921, then in 1944, his granddaughter Marguerite and her husband Louis Casters took over the House and created the Louis Casters brand. Another generation took over the business before the current generation, namely Johan, Eugène's great-great-grandson, and his wife Valérie, who pursue the development of the House with passion, combining respect for tradition and modern technology.

Manufacturing Method of Champagne Louis Casters

The grapes of the Louis Casters House are carefully looked after, from the vine to the cellar. Immediately after the harvest, the different grape varieties are identified and separated and the grapes are pressed pneumatically in whole bunches. The grapes are thus pressed gently in a way that respects the harvest.

Once the juices have been extracted, the wines are vinified in stainless steel vats for optimal temperature control.

Louis Casters wines do not undergo malolactic fermentation. Like all fermentations, malolactic fermentation aims to develop the wine's aromas.div>
While most champagne houses use malolactic fermentation to develop softer, ripe, slightly milky aromas, Louis Casters chooses not to use it to preserve the fresh, floral and fruity aromas of the grapes.

When the alcoholic fermentation and clarification of the wines has been completed, the grape varieties are blended to create different cuvees.

Next comes the bottling and the foaming. This tricky operation involves adding a liqueur, called tirage, to the wine to start the second fermentation in the bottle. This process lasts between 6 and 8 weeks and is carried out on slats.

After this second fermentation, we have to wait at least 24 months to get cuvees that are ready to be tasted and sold on the market.