Champagne Poirot

Destination the most famous region of Champagne: the Côte des Blancs.

Corinne and Alain Poirot have been making their wines on this exceptional terroir for several decades. Their vines are located in the southern part of the region, renowned for producing atypical Chardonnays.

Nearly all of their wines are made from blanc de blancs (100% Chardonnay). These champagnes are distinguished by their freshness, their minerality hints, and a great strength on the palate!

About the Côte des Blancs

The Côte des Blancs is undoubtedly the most famous region and terroir in Champagne. It is renowned for being the noblest and best suited to producing Grand and Premier Crus. The terroir is primarily made up of limestone soils, to which it owes its nickname of "chalky Champagne".

This type of soil is ideal for viticulture, as it allows water to sink deep into the soil before absorbing it like a sponge and then releasing it sparingly to the roots. The small yet constant amount of water distributed by the soil naturally favours the aroma concentration in the grapes. It is an ideal soil for freshness, and therefore heavenly for Chardonnay, the king grape variety of the Côte des Blancs!

The Blanc de Blancs champagnes (100% Chardonnay) produced in the Côte des Blancs are renowned for their great aromatic delicacy and exceptional structure.

This terroir is widely used by the great Champagne houses to produce their premium cuvées, such as the vintage Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs champagnes.

The terroir of Poirot champagne

This family house, founded in 1923, is established in the southern part of the Côte des Blancs. Like all Champagne regions, this one is home to several terroirs with distinctive attributes. For example, the vineyards of Oger, located in the north of the region, are renowned for producing extremely fresh, fine champagnes with incisive acidity.

The villages of Vertus and Bergère-les-Vertus, where the Chardonnays of Poirot Champagne are located, produce champagnes with a slightly different profile. Like all the Blanc de Blancs from the region, Poirot champagnes are remarkable for their great freshness and beautiful minerality. Their typicality lies above all in their power, which is more prominent than in the rest of the region, but also in a great length in the mouth.

A truly well-kept secret, the Poirot house offers you the opportunity to discover, or to rediscover, the Côte des Blancs. Its limited selection allows you to enjoy one of the region's classics, such as the Cuvée Extra-Brut, a perfect illustration of the Blanc de Blancs of the entire region, along with the Cuvée Brut, a typical Champagne from the southern part of the region!