Champagne Marchal Degesne

Marchal Degesne Champagne has been established in the vineyards of the Champagne region, in Sacy, in the heart of the small Reims Mountain, for over 100 years.

Quentin and Catherine perpetuate the family tradition by working the vines of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay in 100% Premier Cru.

The house style? A long ageing period of at least 4 years, extending to 10 years for vintage champagnes.

Marchal Degesne Champagne, a family history

The story of Marchal Degesne champagne began in 1920 when the family bought a cellar in the village of Sacy. In this cellar, a group of winegrowers created one of the first Champagnes from the famous village of Sacy. Five generations later, the tradition of Champagne is perpetuated in this vineyard, which is only classified as a premier cru. Each generation brought its own touch to allow Marchal Degesne Champagne to grow, but today it is Quentin and his mother Catherine who produce quality champagnes each year while preserving the balance of the house. Over a hundred years later, the family's passion is still intact. Quentin and Catherine are determined to put their dynamism into practice and to make Marchal Degesne champagne evolve towards ever greater finesse.

A terroir, a know-how and a vision

The terroir? 3.80 hectares of vines located exclusively in the heart of the Petite montagne de Reims, in Sacy and Chamery. The charming Pinot Meunier (60%), the elegant Pinot Noir (25%) and the emblematic Chardonnay (15%) make up the vineyard of Marchal Degesne Champagne. The special attention devoted to the vineyard by Catherine and Quentin is centred around a commitment to not using any herbicides for the last 5 years and is certified by a Sustainable Viticulture and High Environmental Value. The vision is clear: to raise awareness about the challenges of tomorrow, to pass on their passion and to preserve the family know-how - these are the key words for the decades to come.

"Since we stopped using herbicides 5 years ago, we have noticed a much more active and healthy microbial life in our soil. We never stop innovating in order to make our vineyard evolve towards new cultural practices while keeping the family know-how that our grandparents passed on to us.

Cooperating to shine brighter

Marchal Degesne Champagne is also a matter of cooperation. Often overlooked when we think of the Champagne region, the cooperative has its rightful place. Pooling tools, sharing a vision with neighbours and working together to perpetuate the reputation of Champagne are the essence of the Champagne tradition. In the cellar, the grapes are pressed and vinified within the cooperative. Specific attention is required to separate the grape varieties as well as the terroirs. The house style? A long ageing period of at least 4 years, which extends to 10 years for vintage champagnes. The result is typical aromas of long ageing, an elegant structure, a greedy mouth and a fruity and brioche finish.