Selection around 20€

Champagnes under 20€

Considered festive and luxurious, champagne is often considered as too expensive. But finding a good champagne for under €20 is not impossible. Champagne winemakers offer high quality wines that are much more affordable than those from the big houses.

Here is a selection from the best of these winemakers' champagnes for less than 20€!

Where to find a champagne under 20€?

Champagne is a wine region where the price of vines is rising sharply, prompting some in the region to hike up prices. It may be due to a transition to organic viticulture which results in higher costs and therefore forces prices to rise again. But there is a factor that must also be considered: reputation. When a wine lover wants to buy a bottle of wine, they will most often come across a big brand. These brands sell worldwide, which results in a greater rarity of their products. In turn, scarcity leads to higher prices...

It is important to know that the winemakers who produce champagnes for less than 20€ do not compromise on quality. Some houses use grapes grown by winegrowers working on small vineyard areas. This means that there is a high proportion of grapes from these areas, prized for the quality of their harvest, in a big brand bottle.

The champagnes from small vineyards can therefore be less expensive but still offer the same quality, since it is their grapes that are ultimately found in their cuvées but also in those of prestigious houses...

The Champagne Terroir selection

We offer you 6 cuvées on the website, which have greatly surprised us during our selections: Champagne Pierson Cuvelier with its traditional brut Grand Cru or Champagne Gratiot Pillière with its extra-brut, as well as a superb Blanc de Blancs (Champagne Drouilly LV)... In other words, a panel that we are eager to share with you!