Champagne half bottle

To be shared with someone else or for pleasure, the half bottle of champagne is ideal for all your special occasions.

At 37.5cl, this format is perfect for champagne lovers who can't get over the 75cl of a traditional bottle.

Discover the best of our selection of winegrowers' champagnes in small format! You'll find Blanc de Blancs, Rosés, Brut, Blanc de Noirs, Organic, Grand and Premier Cru champagnes.

The mini bottle of champagne

The 75cl "champenoise" has toured the world and has become an integral part of the collective imagination. When its shadow appears, we instantly think of Champagne bubbles! One would almost forget that the 75cl bottle is only one of the 12 different bottle formats used by winemakers. And you may be familiar with some of these formats without knowing it. Who has never heard of the Jeroboam (3l), the Methuselah (6l) or the half bottle of champagne with its 37.5cl?

But we often forget that these different sizes of champagne bottles are the result of centuries of improvement. Unlike most wines, champagne has a unique quality, but a real nightmare when it comes to bottling it: its sparkle.

The origins of the champagne half bottle

Long before bottles were used for transportation and trade, producing glass bottles was costly and therefore reserved for the elite. Most decanters and bottles were made of glass that was too thin and thus fragile, and could only be used to draw the wine from the barrel before being placed on the table.

It was not until 1634 that the first champagne bottles made of a much thicker, black glass were produced... In England. But it was certainly not about half a bottle of champagne at that time! In 1735, the capacity of a bottle of champagne was set at 0.952l, far from the modern 75cl champenoise and even further from the 37.5cl half bottle of champagne.

The champagne half bottle: benefits

It has to be said that the champenoise accounts for the majority of champagne sales both in Europe and in the world. An iconic and convivial format, it easily allows one to serve their guests up to 6 flutes. But as practical as it is, beware of wastage! Because the main drawback of champagne, as good as it may be, is that it contains sparkles. As soon as you open your bottle, the CO2 contained in the wine will start to dissipate, creating those beautiful strings of bubbles. It is therefore not recommended to reseal a half-empty bottle, otherwise the carbon dioxide will dissipate into the empty half of the bottle.

This is why the winegrowers and their glassmakers had the idea of creating a small bottle of Champagne: the half bottle of Champagne.

Small bottle of champagne: for which occasions?

When it comes to wine, the container size can be very important. The magnum, for example, is well known to be the ideal bottle size for ageing wine in the best conditions. What about the half bottle of champagne?

Less known for its preservation virtues, the small bottle of champagne remains a must for festive moments in small groups. Ideal for aperitifs and dinners for two or solo, this bottle is perfect for those small bubbles cravings.

Our Selection of half bottle champagnes

Despite all its advantages, the half bottle of champagne remains an atypical format. Although a single winemaker can offer up to 12 different cuvées, it is very rare for him to offer more than 3 or 4 in half bottles. This is why our team of enthusiasts has endeavoured to offer you the most representative selection of Champagne know-how. Our half-bottles of champagne reflect the best of the Champagne winegrowers' know-how. Here you will find all the classics of our winegrowers from each of the great Champagne regions, from the Côte des Blancs to the Reims Mountain, from Premier Cru to Grand Cru champagne. As for personal preferences, we have also catered for all tastes with our mini-bottles of champagne in as many different dosages as possible, including demi-sec, extra brut, or the classic brut champagne.

How to choose a good half bottle champagne ?

Choosing a champagne is difficult when you haven't tasted it yet... That's why the Champagne Terroir team offers you a fine selection of the best champagnes from winegrowers at an excellent value for money and, above all, directly from the producer! No need to be an expert for the amateur who wants to please (and please himself) without any specific knowledge! We have already selected the best Champagne wines for you so that you can enjoy your bubbles serenely.

Discover all our cuvées and feel free to ask us for advice via the chat (at the bottom right of your screen), by email or directly by phone at +33 1 89 27 00 60 (Monday to Friday, from 9am to 6pm UTC+2).