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Champagne Erick Schreiber - Grande Réserve


The Grande Réserve cuvée signed Erick Schreiber is a fine champagne with a great span in mouth.

A subtle blend of the best Pinot Noirs (78%) and Chardonnays (12%) of the year, and champagne wines aged in casks (Pinot Blanc 8%, Pinot Meunier 2%), this Biodynamic wine aged for 6 years in a cellar will surprise you with its strength and elegance.

A very fine bouquet, with great aromatic complexity and a long lasting taste with a lot of freshness. Its sugar content of 5.8g/l makes it a champagne that your guests will surely enjoy.

Ideal as an aperitif, it will accompany you throughout the meal, with poultry, white meats or fish with sauce, as well as with cooked cheeses (Comté, Beaufort,...) for dessert.

A real champagne for all occasions!

Aspect: golden yellow.

Nose: fresh, complex and very fine.

Palate: a very fine bouquet with a great aromatic complexity, a long lasting taste with a lot of freshness.

Contains sulfites

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About Champagne Erick Schreiber

This historic winemaker of Biodynamic viticulture in Champagne invites you to discover the full potential of these natural and atypical wines.

Embracing Biodynamic viticulture since 1990, Erick Schreiber now produces champagnes of the very finest quality, recognised throughout the world.

With its biodynamic viticulture and rare grape varieties, this house is a real invitation to discovey. The Erick Schreiber champagnes will make you explore a new facet of this wine you thought you were so familiar with!

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