Champagne Huguenot Tassin - M3-1.17 EB

Huguenot Tassin Champagne - Cuvée Mystère M5


No technical data sheet for this mysterious M5 cuvee, you'll have to guess it during the tasting!

Listen to your senses, trust your sight, smell, taste and personal experience to determine the type of champagne you're tasting. Ask yourself the right questions and hone your skills as a taster. To help you, a tasting booklet and questionnaire will be provided with the bottle. All you will have to do is peel off the back label to check whether your assessment was correct.

This exceptional, limited edition cuvee will allow you to develop your tasting skills in a fun way!

Amateur or beginner, try this sensory experience to discover or rediscover the multiple facets of champagne.

Aspect: ?

Nose: ?

Palate: ?

Contains sulfites

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About the Huguenot Tassin champagne.

Founded in 1984 in Celles sur Ource, the Huguenot-Tassin House, whose vineyards cover 6 hectares, is located in the Côte des Bar region.

In 2008, the House was passed on to Edouard and Adeline Huguenot, the second generation of this winegrowing family.

Voluntarily reducing productivity to avoid rotting, the estate's vines are the subject of passionate attention.

By perpetuating the cultivation of pinot blanc, one of the traditional grape varieties of the Côte de Bars that is now disappearing, the Huguenots offer their champagnes a truly unique flavor.