Champagne LS Cheurlin - Brut "Coccinelle & Papillon"

Champagne LS Cheurlin - Brut "Coccinelle & Papillon"


The Brut Coccinelle et Papillon cuvée signed LS Cheurlin is a mature and complex champagne.

This connoisseur's champagne is elaborated from two vineyards located in the Côte des Bar.

The Dalivard parcel, facing north of Celles-sur-Ource, is home to 20-year-old Chardonnays.

The Les Fioles parcel, established to the south of Merrey-sur-Arce, where 40-year-old Pinot Noir vines are grown.

These two vines have been cultivated organically since 2006. They benefit from natural grass cover alternating with ploughing so that the vines can fully express its terroir.

This champagne is made from 50% Chardonnay and 50% Pinot Noir. This cuvée will surprise you with its very pronounced white fruit notes. The Brut sugar content (6g/l) brings a real complexity to this wine. It develops beautiful grilled and ripe fruit aromas before developing a vinous finish.

We recommend it as an accompaniment to pan-fried foie gras, salmon carpaccio or for the simple pleasure of an aperitif shared with friends!

A remarkably complex champagne, yet so simple to drink!

Aspect: Beautiful yellow ocher colour. Fine and creamy bubbles.

Nose: We guess white fruits bursting with sunshine. Very quickly, peach and apricot invade your senses.

Palate: This wine offers real complexity. It is a journey between grilled notes and ripe fruit, with a vinous and tender finish.

Contains sulfites

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About champagne LS Cheurlin

Winegrowers for several generations, the Cheurlin family has been producing organic champagnes in the Côte des Bars.

Combine the faith of a grandfather in this little-known terroir, a great oenologist's advice, a family of enthusiasts with women of strong character, and you get LS Cheurlin Champagne!

The champagnes of this estate are distinguished above all by their expressiveness. They are frank and expressive wines that delight our taste buds!

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