Champagne Louis Casters - Supérieur Brut

Louis Casters Champagne - Superieur Brut Blanc de Noirs


The Supérieure Brut Cuvee has the particularity of being a single grape variety: in this case, Pinot Meunier. It adds smoothness, fruitiness and roundness to the champagne.

Its fresh character makes it an ideal wine for the aperitif but it is also a perfect wine to drink during a meal because of its fruity and mineral flavors.

The Supérieure Brut Cuvee is produced in the Marne Valley and is made from two different harvest years. It is aged on the lees for 3 to 4 years.

Like other wines of the Louis Casters House, this cuvee has the distinctive property of not having undergone malolactic fermentation. Malolactic fermentation, as with all fermentations, aims to develop the wine's aromas. Most Champagne Houses use malolactic fermentation to produce sweeter, mature and slightly lactic aromas. However, Louis Casters chooses not to use malolactic fermentation in order to preserve the fresh, floral and fruity aromas of the grapes.

This fruity and mineral champagne goes well with your aperitifs or a nice plate of seafood.

Aspect: This Champagne has a pale golden yellow color, with bright yellow-green reflections that give depth to the champagne flute. It has a rather smooth appearance and its fine, light bubbles add to a delicate cordon.

Nose: At first, the nose reveals scents of white peach, candied pear, fresh butter, lime blossom and brioche.

Palate: The attack in the mouth is smooth and fresh with creamy sparkling. The palate is full of fresh and crispy white and yellow fruits.

Contains sulfites

Denis d, le 2022-01-30

Laurent B, le 2020-02-17

beaucoup de finesse pour ce champagne

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About Louis Caster Champagne

Louis Casters has been based in the village of Damery since its foundation by Eugène Cadel in 1857. His direct descendants, the fifth generation of the family, continue to develop the House with passion, combining both tradition and modern technologies. The House distinguishes itself by not using malolactic fermentation in any of its wines to preserve the fresh, floral and fruity aromas of the grapes.

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