Magnum champagne

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The champagne Magnum

By far the most emblematic bottle of Champagne after the traditional 75 cl "champenoise", the champagne Magnum contains a volume of 1.5 l, the equivalent of 2 bottles.

A true symbol of festivity, the magnum is frequently used during celebrations. Of course, one thinks of the Formula 1 races where the first three drivers on the podium spray their mechanics. The fact that magnums of champagne are used for these celebrations is no coincidence, as Reims has long hosted the French Grand Prix.

But far from simple festive considerations, this bottle has genuine oenological qualities that have made it a must in vineyards around the world. The magnum is above all recognised for its wine conservation qualities. Thanks to its capacity, the champagne magnum allows a more harmonious development of the aromas, thus resulting in more complex and fulfilled wines.

Surprisingly, the reason for this improvement is not so much to be found in the bottle as in the cork. As you may have noticed, regardless of the size of the bottle, from the half-bottle (37.5 cl) to the Methuselah (6 l), not forgetting the champenoise (75 cl) and the Jeroboam (3 l), all champagne bottles have the same size cork. It just so happens that the evolution of a wine is, among other things, greatly conditioned by the exchange of air between the inside and outside of the bottle, which takes place through the cork. Yet, with a cork of the same size for all bottles, the volume of air exchanged remains the same. This explains the influence of gas exchange on the volume of wine, which can double or even more!

No doubt, the magnum is the sovereign of the cellar. With its ideal capacity, the champagne magnum will allow you to age and improve your champagne in the cellar for many years.

How to serve a magnum champagne?

Ideal for wine conservation, the champagne magnum is also ideal for all your festive moments. With its 1.5 l, the magnum bottle of champagne will be perfect for your aperitifs gathering 6 guests or more. You can expect up to 16 flutes for a Magnum of champagne, i.e. about 2 flutes per person. A true sign of wine quality, this bottle will also impress your guests with its impressive size.

Be careful, however, to plan the service in advance. It is recommended to put the Magnum in the refrigerator at least 24 hours ahead of time to allow the wine to fully cool down before serving at 9 to 11°C.

Lastly, it is worth noting that a magnum is generally sold at a higher price than the value of two bottles. This price difference is mainly justified by the small quantity of Magnums produced by the winemakers, but not only. The Magnum bottle is still hand-blown today. Its extraordinary size prevents any industrialization of its manufacturing process and therefore renders its production cost much higher than that of an industrially produced champenoise.

Sign of oenological quality, bottle guaranteeing optimal ageing, symbol of festive and sharing occasions, the Magnum of champagne is a real must of French know-how that we suggest you rediscover through our selection of 100% winegrower champagne!

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