Jeroboam of Champagne

Champagne Jeroboam

There is nothing like a champagne Jeroboam to celebrate with your loved ones!

Containing 3 litres of wine, the Jeroboam is a bottle format that appeals to many wine lovers, whether for serving guests or for storage.

The history behind the Jeroboam

The Jeroboam has an interesting background with its name taken straight from history. For Melchior and Balthazar, for example, two other containers, the names were chosen in relation to the Three Kings. The Jeroboam also has its fingerprints in history as it is a reference to two ancient kings of Israel, Jeroboam I and Jeroboam II, who reigned over this territory 1000 years before Christ. Jeroboam I is known to have rebelled against his predecessor as ruler of the country, a certain... Rehoboam. The name "Jeroboam" was of course given well after all these events. It was a man from Bordeaux by the name of Pierre Mitchell who decided to give this name to the bottle size at the beginning of the 18th century. This man indeed created the first glass factory in the region in 1723, a period when glass was becoming highly industrialised and was beginning to establish itself in tableware.

The Jeroboam in different regions

The capacity of the Jeroboam differs depending on the winegrowing region. In Bordeaux, the Jeroboam represents 5 litres of wine, whereas in Burgundy and Champagne, it represents only 3 litres. As you can see, the wine world is filled with little subtleties and has a different approach depending on the region you are in.

The Champagne Jeroboam is therefore suitable for large celebrations, stirring up a torrent of fantasy in your audience. The service will also be more successful as the larger champagne sizes are less susceptible to the change in temperature where the tasting takes place. The glass thickness allows the temperature to be stabilised and your champagne to age in optimal conditions.