Sweet - Demi Sec

Champagne Demi Sec

Sweeter, this type of champagne will perfectly accompany your desserts. Indeed, the term "demi-sec" (half-dry) appears if the sugar content within the bottle is between 32 and 50 grams per litre, which makes a demi-sec champagne one of the greediest.

What is a champagne demi sec?

The elaboration of a champagne is a process that can take several years and is punctuated by numerous production stages. Among these, the dosage is the one that will determine the sugar level in your champagne. This stage consists of adding an expedition liqueur, a mixture of cane sugar and reserve wine, in order to make up for the loss of a few centilitres during disgorging (evacuation of the yeast deposits that have built up at the bottom of the bottle during the second fermentation).

A demi-sec is therefore a champagne with a sugar content ranging from 32 to 50g per litre. Very widespread, this rather sweet champagne is a round and delicate wine, ideally served with dessert.

What is the difference between a demi sec and a brut champagne?

A Brut champagne is made in the same way as a demi-sec champagne. A demi-sec champagne, with its 32 to 50g/l, will simply be sweeter than a Brut champagne which will only have between 6 and 12g/l of sugar. Like the Bruts, the demi-sec champagnes are quite common. They generally develop fruity aromas and soft notes on the palate.

Be careful not to confuse the dosage and the cuvées! Indeed, besides the sugar content, there is no difference between a brut and a demi-sec champagne as long as they have been elaborated in the same way (vinification, ageing, fermentation, etc). Two different cuvées (and therefore with different production methods) will not have the same aromas. For example, although both are dosed at 18g/l, the Tradition and Reserve cuvées of Bérat Schenk champagne will have distinct aromas because they are made from different grapes and vinified in different ways.

When to drink demi sec champagne?

There is always a good occasion to open a bottle of demi-sec champagne... Whether it's for the holidays, as an accompaniment to your sweet dishes, or simply with your favourite desserts throughout the year. This type of champagne derives its strength from its ease of drinking and will appeal to the most demanding palates.

Although it is less renowned, the Demi-Sec champagne is no less qualitative. However, it does not go well with all dishes, like brut champagne for example. It will excel at the end of a meal - the palate being exhausted, some sweetness is always welcome!

Which champagne demi sec to choose ?

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