Champagne Bonvalet

Champagne Bonvalet was born from the somewhat crazy dream of creating its own Champagne house from scratch.

In 2012, Guillaume Bonvalet embarked on the adventure and gave birth to his very first cuvée, the Brut Suprême. This micro-production of 2,000 bottles has become the foundation on which this estate was built, invented by the passion of one single man.

At the origin of Bonvalet champagne

After many years of reflection, Guillaume Bonvalet decided to embark on the Champagne adventure with the aim of creating his own house. The challenge is daunting at the start of the 21st century! Champagne is a vineyard already dotted with a number of houses with an international reputation and the rest of the vines distributed among the 5,000 or so winegrowers in the region.

Despite this tough competition, and after 2 years of intense care, in 2012 he produced his very first cuvée. Tiny in terms of its quantities, with barely 2,000 bottles, this first edition carries with it all the promise of this new Champagne house in the making. Since this first draw of the Brut Suprême cuvée, the house has established itself in Champagne and far beyond. Over the years, Champagne Bonvalet has developed, volumes have increased and new cuvées have appeared.

The vineyard behind the brand

Bonvalet champagnes are made from grapes from vines cultivated with respect for the environment. The entirety of this vineyard is cultivated in HVE (High Environmental Value) and VDC (Sustainable Viticulture in Champagne). These two viticultural practices are particularly concerned with sustainable development through biodiversity and the ecosystem.

Once arrived at the estate, the grapes are the subject of all attention. Bonvalet champagnes are thus produced solely from the juice obtained during the first press. This selective sorting of the juices obtained makes it possible to obtain a wine with more concentrated aromas. Similarly, only indigenous yeasts, naturally present in the vineyard, are used to create a harmonious taste.

Within a few years this new Champagne house has created a whole new range of champagnes both simple in number and of great complexity in its taste potential. Bonvalet champagne is now referenced by many French and international gourmet restaurants!