Finding a good champagne can be a complicated task, but finding a good champagne at a reasonable price can be impossible. However, this is a challenge that Champagne Terroir wanted to take up. Champagne Terroir offers a range of champagnes from winegrowers recognized by the greatest oenological guides at less than 20 euros per bottle.

A Selection of Winegrowers' Champagnes

Winegrower's champagnes (also called harvesters' champagne or owner's champagne) are made from grapes grown on their property. In this context, it is the winegrower who is responsible for the cultivation of the vine, the harvest of the grapes, the handling (manufacturing) and often even the marketing. These processes take out intermediaries and therefore allows us to offer cheaper price points for our champagnes compared to those of the bigger champagne Houses.

Additionally to the lower manufacturing costs, winegrowers invest less in marketing and advertising, making it possible for us to offer cheaper champagne. Indeed, since their best advertising is the guarantee of a great product, these winegrowers rely mainly on "word of mouth".

Finally, compared to the big champagne Houses, small winegrowers are not as known for exporting and are less prone to price inflation due to the increasing foreign demand. Winegrower's Champagnes are definitely a "good deal" which the French enjoy (89% of winegrower's champagne sales are in France).

High quality and affordable champagnes from winegrowers!

Champagne is recognized throughout the world as a luxury and renowned product. However, many cheap champagnes (less than 13 euros) are available in supermarkets and it is expected that the quality of these products will be mediocre. In fact, these private labels are always looking to save whatever they can to produce cheaper champagne (grapes from poorer soils, minimum ageing period, ...).
What is the point then of buying Champagne if the product is not of high quality?
Champagne Terroir makes it a point of honor to only offer quality Champagnes:

In addition to complying with the regulations of the Champagne AOC (hand-picked, aged for at least 15 months...), many of our winegrowers go even further than what is expected of them (aging their champagnes for 36 months...).

Thanks to a unique know-how handed down from generation to generation, our winegrowers guarantee the production of a quality champagne.

Our champagnes are recognized by the greatest wine guides (Bettanne et Desseauve, Guide Hachette, etc.) and specialized competitions (champagne young talent competition, agricultural competitions, etc.).

Fast delivery at cost price

After finding a cheap champagne on the internet, you must then have it delivered... And that's usually where everything gets complicated! Champagne Terroir guarantees one of the cheapest deliveries on the web, and free of charge from 12 bottles.

Find all the information about the delivery here.

Champagne Terroir selection criteria :

We offer champagnes that are recognized by trusted guides (Gault et Millau, Hachette...) and recently rewarded in national or regional competitions in order to guarantee our clients high-quality products.

We provide a wide selction of original champagne (grape varieties, production methods...): blend base of Pinot Blanc (Huguenot Tassin) and use of a traditional press (Bérat Schenk)...

We offer a range of unique champagnes (with champagnes from the 4 main regions and different types: Blanc de Blanc, Blanc de Noir, Rosé de saignée, Assembled Rosé...)