Champagne gift

A symbol of conviviality par excellence, champagne is also a never-ending source of gift ideas for wine lovers! We have put together a complete selection of Champagne gift ideas for you.

Discover our Champagne gift boxes including the must-haves from the Côte des Blancs and the Reims Mountain, but also vintage and mystery champagnes that will delight your friends.

How to choose a Champagne gift box?

Made popular by the great Champagne Houses such as Moët & Chandon, Taittinger and Ruinart, champagne has become one of the most popular gifts. These Houses have always competed with each other in ingenuity and innovation to make your birthday parties or Christmas celebrations even more special. The competition between these brands to make it onto your gift list is now such that it is rather difficult to tell the difference between two Houses with similar gift boxes... But it would be a shame to boil down the creativity of the Champagne region to just these large Houses, especially since there are nearly 5,000 winegrowers in Champagne!

The Champagne winemakers are far from these world-renowned brands and strive to offer you new ideas for Champagne gifts. They skilfully mix traditional know-how and innovation to make your Champagne gifts unique!

Our 100% winegrower Champagne gift ideas

Champagne gifts necessarily involve gift boxes, and winegrowers have no doubt become experts in this field. Here, you will find our selection of the best champagne gift ideas.

The wooden champagne gift box

There is nothing more beautiful than the simplicity of a wooden box carefully storing a magnificent bottle of champagne, guaranteed to have a 100% "wow" effect. But make no mistake, aesthetics is only the first surprise, as the palate will not be left out!

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For exceptional champagne amateurs

We are offering you here one of our nuggets with this box of 2 bottles of Champagne Premier Cru, 2011 vintage, from the Reims Mountain. Two bottles for 1 box: 1 traditionally aged in the cellar, and 1 aged at a depth of 60 metres off the island of Ouessant. An experience both aesthetic and gustatory beyond comparison!

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Looking for a unique champagne gift?

Forget about blind wine tasting videos made by experts who can even tell you the vintage of a champagne! This time, it is you who will have the opportunity to blind taste a champagne. But rest assured, wine is not rocket science. And it is precisely to prove this that our winemaker has put together this box with a mystery bottle and a booklet that will help you understand the Champagne grape varieties and aromas to finally guess the composition of this wine by yourself!

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The traditional champagne gift box

Contrary to popular belief, the wire cap, which prevents the champagne cork from popping out, only appeared belatedly. Traditionally, a hemp string was used to hold the cork in the champagne bottles. Some winemakers have chosen to perpetuate this ancestral technique for our greatest pleasure. The result is a magnificent Champagne gift idea for a hand-tied bottle sealed with wax.

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