Champagne Robert Allait - cuvée Brut Réserve

Dussert Gerbert : ★★★★
Gilbert et Gaillard : Gold Medal

Robert Allait Champagne - Brut Réserve


This fruity and balanced champagne can accompany your aperitifs or your meals.

The Réserve Brut cuvee is one of the rare single varietal champagnes made from 100% Pinot Meunier. In order to guarantee a constant flavor year after year, the grapes used in its production come from 6 different villages in the Marne Valley.

Additionally, the Brut (9 g/L) Réserve cuvee is aged for 24 months instead of the usual 18 practiced in Champagne in order to bring the aromas of the wine to their peak.

Aspect: Golden color, intense effervescence

Nose: Expressive, fruity, floral and fresh fruit aromas

Palate: Fruity, delicate, creamy

Contains sulfites

Customer comments (3): 4.7/5

Danièle M, le 2024-06-07

Excellent qualité prix

Henriette H, le 2022-11-21

noch nicht probiert

Sylvie M, le 2020-05-01

Fruité et beaucoup de plaisir en bouche.

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About the Robert Allait champagne.

Created in 1890, the Robert Allais Champagne House has always been a family-shared passion. 5 generations of winegrowers have succeeded each other at the head of the estate with a single concern: the respect for the Champagne tradition and its terroir. Year after year, the Robert Allait Champagne House has been able to peacefully expand its vineyards to cover an area of 13 hectares spread over 6 villages in the Marne Valley. With this exceptional range of flavors provided by their vines, the Allait family produces champagnes with a stable and aromatic flavor. Aware that soil fertility is a quality to preserve, the Robert Allait family has been involved for several years in processes that reduce its ecological impact. The estate is certified by two prestigious labels, the HEV (High Environmental Value) and Sustainable Viticulture in Champagne. An external sign of Robert Allait champagne's commitment, these labels are above all a technical support to accompany the family towards biodynamic viticulture. The Allait family has a major stake in this because it is not only a question of reducing their carbon emissions, but also of considering wine production as a living organism in which every being, plant and animal, must be able to find their place. The richness of the Champagne hills has become a source of inspiration for the Robert Allait family and an invitation to the cellar master to discover new flavors. No less than 9 different cuvees have been produced from this intense work of aromatic research. They are all an invitation to discover the winegrower's champagne.