F. Bergeronneau Marion Champagne

The origins of the Bergeronneau family date back to the end of the 16th century. The centuries have passed but the Bergeronneau family's passion for the vine has not diminished.
The F. BERGERONNEAU-MARION Champagne family estate is located on the Reims Mountain, in a small typical Champagne village, Ville-Dommange.
The vines are composed of 50% Pinot Meunier, 25% Pinot Noir and 25% Chardonnay.

F. Bergeronneau Marion: independent winegrowers of Champagne

Driven by his father's advice and ambition, Florent Bergeronneau soon embarked on this family adventure.

At the age of 18, his parents provided him with a few parcels of vines, which he first cultivated in a cooperative before embarking on the adventure of independent viticulture. With the help of his wife, Véronique Marion, who is also a winegrower, Florent tirelessly pursues his quest to create an elegant and original champagne that reflects his passion for the vine. Year after year, they enthusiastically produce the F. Bergeronneau Marion Champagne, one of the great names of Champagne. .

Today, joined by their children, Virginie and Fabien, the F. Bergeronneau Marion House embodies the spirit of these Champagne Houses, constantly seeking the perfect balance for a wine of excellence. .

The trademoark of the F. Bergeronneau Marion Champagne

Bergeronneau Marion champagnes are pressed and made in the family cellar, allowing permanent control of their maturation under the watchful eye of Florent and Fabien. The Bergeronneau Marion trademark permeates all the family's cuvees, whether they are single-cru, single-varietal or blended champagnes.

Bergeronneau Marion champagne is also committed to rejuvenating champagne while remaining faithful to the authentic traditions that characterize this family business. Thus was born in 2007 the Clos des Bergeronneau, an enclave of 2.1 ha of vines in the heart of the village of Ville-Dommange. Cut off from the rest of the hillside by a restored 19th century wall, this parcel of Pinot Meunier (75%) and Pinot Noir (25%) produces grapes of exceptional aromatic concentration.