Champagne Bergeronneau Marion - Brut Millésimé 2012

Independent Winegrowers Competition 2022 : Silver Medal

Champagne Bergeronneau Marion - Millésime 2016 1er Cru


The year 2016 was very favorable for the Champagne region, producing one of its greatest vintages.

The 2016 vintage champagne by Bergeronneau Marion is blended in equal proportions from Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier.

This champagne, which is only made from the exceptional harvest, is made from 1st cru grapes from the Reims mountains.

Aged for 72 months in the cellar, this champagne has very typical aromas that make it an ideal aperitif. It will also go well with white meats.

Aspect: Clear, sparkling pale gold. The cord and the bubbles are very fine

Nose: Very fresh nose with fruity aromas

Palate: Good holding and roundness in the mouth, very structured blend.

Contains sulfites

Robin M, le 2019-03-09

Millésime agréable et fin.

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The history of the F. Bergeronneau Marion champagne.

The history of the F. Bergeronneau Marion champagne. The F. Bergeronneau Marion Champagne is located in Ville-Dommange, a village in the heart of the Reims mountains. The Bergeronneau family cultivates the three great Champagne grape varieties: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier.

With a long tradition and production secrets handed down from generation to generation, the Bergeronneau Marion Champagne blends exceptional champagnes, marked by the typical Aube soils.

This mastery of Champagne traditions combined with a capacity for renewal, make Bergeronneau Marion one of the references for great champagnes and vintages