Ratafia Pierson Cuvelier - Ratafia Rouge

Champagne Pierson Cuvelier - Ratafia de Champagne red


Pierson Cuvelier’s red ratafia is an aperitif wine made from the Pinot Noir vines of this Champagne House.

Traditionally, Champagne ratafia was produced by winegrowers for their personal consumption after the harvest. Today, Pierson Cuvelier still produces its own ratafia in the respect of the family tradition.

This red ratafia is made from unfermented grapes to which is added a neutral tasting champagne brandy, Champagne marc.

The pomace brandy is produced from the distillation of the champagne marc, the last grapes remaining after pressing, before ageing for 2 to 5 years in oak barrels.

The blend of these two types of grapes, which have undergone two different evolutions, produces a wine rich in aromas and surprisingly round for this 17° aperitif.

The red ratafia Pierson Cuvelier is an aperitif wine that will surprise you with its sweetness and smoothness.

Aspect: deep red

Nose: punctuated by red fruit notes

Palate: ample and long, punctuated by sweet and fruity notes

Contains sulfites

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History of the Pierson Cuvelier champagne.

The Pierson Cuvelier House is located in the commune of Louvois, one of the villages classified as a Grand Cru de Champagne. Since 1901, the Pierson family has been making champagnes, but also Champagne wines. Coming from a long line of winegrowers, the Piersons have mastered for several generations the secret of the production of Champagne marc which goes into the blending of their red ratafia.

Today, the Pierson Cuvelier champagne is one of the few family businesses still making its own ratafia champagne. After being forgotten for several decades, this typical aperitif of the great French wine-growing regions, has finally regained its reputation thanks to the initiative of independent winegrowers such as the Pierson Cuvelier Champagne.