Champagne Mulette Corbon - Brut Réserve

Mulette Corbon Champagne - Brut Réserve

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The Brut Réserve Champagne by Mulette Corbon is a fruity and creamy wine with delicate notes of white fruits.

This winemaker's champagne is blended from Pinot Meunier (60%) and Chardonnay (40%) exclusively from the hillsides of the Marne Valley.

When should it be served?

This fruity champagne is perfect as an aperitif with friends.

Aspect: Sustained sparkling with a nice string of foam.

Nose: Very fine aromas of white fruits like pear. After a few minutes, notes of stewed fruit and dried fruit (hazelnut) are released.

Palate: Creamy with white fruit aromas and some floral notes. It then develops more smoky and honeyed notes.

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Mulette Corbon Champagne

Established in 1992, Mulette Corbon champagne is a fine example of the expertise of the independent winegrowers of the Marne Valley. Mulette Corbon Champagne is more than a commercial brand, it is above all the result of the work and passion of 3 generations of winegrowers for their craft and their land.

Géraldine and Élodie, the daughters of the family, are now in charge of the property. They have been leading this 100% women-owned estate, from the cellars to the oenologist, creating the perfect conditions to mature the great champagnes of the Marne Valley.

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