Champagne Nominé Renard - Demi Sec

Nominé Renard Champagne – Demi - Sec

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The Semi Dry cuvee by the Nominé Renard House is a blend of Chardonnay (40%), Pinot Noir (30%) and Pinot Meunier (30%).

The grapes used to make this champagne come from six different cuvees, giving it a unique flavor which reflects the specific characteristics of each of these vines.

This cuvee has also benefited from an ageing time of 36 months in the cellar.

Sweet and punctuated with fruit notes, this champagne is ideal for the end of the year celebrations or to simply accompany your desserts.

Aspect: Vive

Nose: Fruity and gourmet

Palate: Smooth and harmonious on the palate while keeping a beautiful freshness

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The story of the Nominé Renard Champagne.

The Nominé Renard Champagne was created in 1960 by the grandfather of the current winegrower. Representing the third generation of winegrowers of the Nominé family, Simon now cultivates the family estate in accordance with the Champagne tradition.

A rare feature of Champagne, the Nominé Renard champagne estate extends over several terroirs. This diversity of its soils, combined with the cultivation of 3 different grape varieties, make the Nominé Renard Champagne one of the most typical wines of the region. The unique aromas of the grapes produced in the family's vineyards are also enhanced by the voluntary productivity restriction of the vine, a sign of environmentally friendly viticulture.