Champagne Nominé Renard -Spécial Club 2012

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Nominé Renard Champagne - Special Club 2013

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The Special Club cuvee by the Nominé Renard House is a 2013 cuvee made from a blend of 30% Chardonnay d'Etoges, 40% Pinot Noir from Villevenard and 30% Pinot Noir from Broyes.

This limited cuvee was only produced at 5,200 bottles before 60 months of ageing in the cellar.

The freshness of Chardonnay combined with the structure of Pinot Noir make this champagne an ideal wine to serve with a salmon tartar or simply as an aperitif. Lovers of great champagnes will find in this Special Club cuvee a champagne with great ageing potentiall that will awaken the typical smoky notes of the Nominé Renard vineyard.

Aspect: Lemon yellow

Nose: Subtle aromas of white peach, citrus notes and floral notes

Palate: Sharp attack in the mouth with a final tasty pursued by a beautiful minerality

Contains sulfites

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The story of the Nominé Renard Champagne.

Founded in 1960, this independent winegrower's House has now passed into the hands of the third generation. Simon Nominé embodies the House's renewal, both in the cellar and in the vines.

The 20 hectares of the family estate extend across four terroirs of Champagne. This fragmentation of the family estate gives the Nominé Renard champagne a very large reserve of terroirs with different aromas. From the atypical blend of these flavors, so rarely mixed, come exceptional wines, matured in the cellar with care and passion.