Champagne Corbon - Brut d'Autrefois

Gault & Millau 2020 : 16/20

Corbon Champagne - Brut d'Autrefois

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The Brut d'Autrefois Cuvee is a champagne from an exceptional blend.

This cuvee comes from a perpetual reserve matured in a 30 hectoliter barrel and started in the 80s. Each year, half of the barrel is emptied and replaced with the wines from the harvest.

The old wine will then educate the newly added younger wine. This process not only standardizes the wine, but also transfers the older aromas from the first wines of the solera (perpetual reserve).

The Brut d'Autrefois Cuvee blends 90% Chardonnay Grand Cru from Avize and 10% Pinot Noir from Vandières.

After bottling, this cuvee is aged for 6 years in the cellar. The sugar content is 6.5g per liter.

This wine is a true trademark of the Corbon House, and has not been filtered during its vinification, resulting in an "imperfect" champagne that is 100% authentic, freshly drawn from the barrel.

Aspect: Pale color, with fine bubbles that disappear quickly.

Nose: Woody notes that are well integrated.

Palate: Winy, developping bitterness, vivacity and woody notes.

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Champagne Corbon in a few words

The story of Corbon champagne begins in the aftermath of the First World War, when the great-grandfather of the current winemaker set down his suitcases in Avize and began working for one of the many champagne houses. During the 20's, he acquired more and more vineyards that he worked by himself, selling his grapes to other champagne houses.

The Corbon family didn't embark on the champagne making adventure until the 70's and the sharp drop of the price of grapes per kilogram. They became a harvester-manager under the leadership of Claude Corbon. From the very beginning, Corbon champagne followed simple yet drastic winemaking methods that still sets them apart from most champagne houses today. These are the guiding principles in the cellar: no filtration and no cold stabilization, a minimum aging period of 3 years in the cellar, or even longer!