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Fine and authentic, the Christian Naudé Ratafia Selection is a typical champagne aperitif wine.

This ratafia is blended by Christian Naudé champagne from the musts of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. Made in the respect of the Champagne tradition, this ratafia is produced from unfermented grapes to which is added a Champagne eau-de-vie, the marc.

The eau-de-vie marc is produced from the distillation of the champagne marc, the last grapes remaining after being pressed, before ageing for 2 to 5 years in oak barrels.

Traditionally, ratafia is the wine reserved for the personal consumption of the winegrower and made to be served during the harvest. Today there are only a few winegrowers still qualified to distil this traditional Champagne alcohol.

A real aperitif wine, the Christian Naudé Ratafia Selection will also accompany your desserts with elegance.

Aspect: aromas of prune, gingerbread and caramel

Nose: amber, shiny, tiled with topaz reflections

Palate: gourmet and silky, with notes of acacia honey, milk chocolate and candied fruit

Francois M, le 2020-02-21


José B, le 2019-06-18

Très bon et très fruité, cela change des autres digestifs.

Michel C, le 2018-11-30

Très jolie découverte! Liquoreux et fruité

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History of the Chrisistian Naudé champagne.

Although Geffroy Naudé's great-grandparents did not make champagne, they already made a living from the vine cultivation. Back then, they cultivated their own wine or “coteau” champagne, but also a typical aperitif of the region: the ratafia.

A true regional product, its blend was very popular among winegrowing families. Faced with the rise of champagne, its production gradually declined after the Second World War. Today, only a few Houses, such as the Christian Naudé Champagne, have preserved this family know-how. Depreciated for a long time in favor of champagne, ratafia has regained its prestige in recent years, making many notable appearances at French and international wine competitions.