Champagne Gaiffe Brun - Émotion 1er Cru

Champagne Gaiffe Brun - Emotion du Val d'Or 1er Cru


This biodynamic Premier Cru is a fine and elegant champagne. It is emblematic of the know-how of this winemaker.

This biodynamic champagne will first surprise you by the intensity of its aromas. It is frank and direct on the palate thanks to a beautiful persistent freshness. Its round finish reveals the beautiful complexity acquired during long years of ageing.

A magnificent ambassador for biodynamic champagnes!

A true discovery champagne, we recommend it above all as an aperitif. It will also accompany fine charcuterie or your gastronomic meals.

This cuvée is blended from the three main Champagne grape varieties: Chardonnay (40%), Pinot Noir (55%) and Pinot Meunier (5%). This champagne was partially vinified in enamelled vats (35%, to develop freshness) and in Champagne oak barrels (65%, for structure and complexity).

This cuvée is made from a single harvest. It is therefore a 2015 vintage champagne (not claimed on the label), a really beautiful year. It benefited from 5 years of aging in the cellar (compared to an average of 2 years in the rest of the Champagne region), for more complexity.

The result is a perfectly balanced champagne. Like all Gaiffe Brun champagnes, no sugar has been added to this cuvée. It is therefore a brut nature champagne (0 g/l).

This cuvée has an extremely low level of sulphites (24 mg/l).

Vegan champagne.

Aspect: straw yellow, fine string of bubbles.

Nose: intense, elegant and fine. Shows a certain minerality and yellow fruit aromas.

Palate: frank and direct attack giving way to a beautiful roundness on the finish.

Contains sulfites

Stefano Z, le 2022-10-24

Pa’ Dosage, 24mg/L Solfiti, colore con piccole note di rosa, grande naso, 4/5

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About champagne Gaiffe Brun

An atypical winemaker and an unusual house!

David is not your typical Champagne winemaker as he was a fireman in Paris before deciding to return to his native Champagne region. He has been producing certified biodynamic champagnes since 2015, although his vines have not seen a drop of weedkiller for over 30 years!

Gaiffe Brun is a unique style and craft: 0 added sugar, only champagnes in unclaimed vintages, hardly any sulphites, all handmade and wines aged... to music.

Gaiffe Brun champagnes are simply exceptional!

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