Champagne Clément et fils

This family house invites you to dive into the heart of a terroir that is often overlooked in Champagne: the Coteau du Petit Morin.

Aurélien Clément, the 4th generation of winegrowers in the family, offers you the opportunity to discover this region and its terroir in a new light. Since 2013, this young winemaker has been striving to put craftsmanship and terroir at the very core of his work, giving birth to champagnes of unique character.

The origins of Champagne Clément and son

When he first joined the family estate, Aurélien could have gone in two radically opposed directions. The first, and by far the simplest, would have been to modernise the whole estate. But he preferred the second, following the path of tradition and craftsmanship. To understand this choice, we need to go back to the origins of this Champagne House.

It was at the age of 51 that Aurélien's great-grandfather decided to begin the adventure of winemaking. Back then, he was a farmer and dairy breeder in the south of the Champagne region and owned a few acres of vines from which he sold the fruits. He then set up his own vineyard and installed a traditional wine press before starting in 1958, under the name Champagne Henri Brulfert. He passed the brand on to his three daughters in 1975.

At the heart of Champagne Clément & fils' commitments

The love of working the land and the vines has been perpetuated from generation to generation until today. Proud of his family values, Aurélien and his family have kept numerous tools and traditional practices. This is illustrated by the traditional Champagne press acquired by his great-grandfather and still used by Aurélien. To this day, all the stages of champagne production are carried out exclusively by hand: bottling, riddling, disgorging and packaging.

On the vineyard side, herbicides have been banned since 2017, a first step towards the goal of transitioning to organic viticulture by 2020. This long and fastidious work, carried out with great attention to detail, allows Aurélien to maintain total control over the quality of his wines and to guarantee their utmost quality.