Champagne Dauby Mother and Daughter

Head for the historical home of great champagnes with this winegrowers' house created in the middle of the last century.
Champagne Dauby Mère et fille is a vineyard of 8 hectares spread over five villages, including one "Grand Cru" (Aÿ) and three "Premier Cru" (Mareuil-sur-Aÿ, Mutigny, Avenay and Barbonne-Fayel).

Pinot Meunier is totally absent here, leaving a magnificent range of champagnes that bring out the full potential of two of the greatest grape varieties in Champagne: Pinot Noir and Chardonnay!

The soul of Champagne Dauby

As with many family-run Champagne Houses, the story of Champagne Dauby began when the two children of wine growers met.

In 1956, Thérèse Tissier and Guy Dauby decided to go further than their parents and started to make their own champagne on the estate.

To do this, they could rely on the few plots they had inherited. These were used as the basis for what was to become one of the most beautiful vineyards on the slopes of Aÿ and Mutigny. Very quickly, Thérèse and Guy acquired Champagne barrels and produced the first vintages under the name Champagne Dauby.

The influence and vision of these two lovers of the land and of wine deeply permeates the DNA of this harvesting and handling operation. Today, the Dauby family still works in harmony with nature to produce true terroir champagnes.

Symbolising this relationship with nature, the poppy is omnipresent at Champagne Dauby Mère & Fille, from the vineyard to the packaging of the bottles. This extremely vulnerable flower is present throughout the vineyard and, due to its extreme sensitivity, plays the role of guide for the family's winegrowers.

Today, Champagne Dauby produces wines that are remarkable for their freshness and aromatic complexity!