Nominé Renard Champagne

Unlike many other Houses, Nominé Renard champagne is not linked to a single Champagne terroir. Indeed, the Nominé family's vineyard extends over 20 hectares spread over the slopes of Petit Morin, Sézannais and the Marne valley.
This great geographical diversity allows Simon Nominé to produce very distinctive wines and blends based on a variety of vintages.
More than just a Champagne House, Nominé Renard is one of the central points of the village of Villevenard.

The winegrowers behind the Nominé Renard champagne

The term "vigneron" (winemaker) is probably the best word to define the Nominé Renard champagne. More than a profession, this passion has been passed on from father to son for 3 generations now without ever losing the fervor for the work of the vine.

The Nominé Renard House was established in 1960 in the village of Villevenard. Today, Simon Nominé is at the head of the family House and embodies the third generation of Champagne winegrowers. Inheriting the know-how of his grandfather and father, Simon meticulously perpetuates the family tradition while adding his personal touch. .

Nominé Renard and the « Club Trésor de Champagne »

The early 1970s saw the arrival in Champagne of new cultivation techniques supported by the ever-increasing use of chemical inputs. Faced with this trend pushing for higher productivity, some Champagne winegrowers decided to resist these changes which they believed went against their convictions. This is how the “Club Trésor de Champagne” was born. Since the birth of this pioneering association, winegrowers have worked to preserve the typicity of their terroirs and enhance the characteristics of their wines.

More than ever, the Nominé Renard champagne claims its long-standing membership with this association of winegrowers who love their profession and their terroir.