Ardinat Faust Organic Champagne

The Ardinat Faust House, whose origins date back to 1750, has been practicing organic viticulture since 1968.
That year, under the impetus of Serge Faust, the House became a pioneer in the field. In the absence of a pre-existing methodology, they had to create their own working methods. The risk was great at the time because this biological conversion could affect the entire vineyard and the general public was not yet ready for this green revolution.
After challenging years, the Ardinat Faust House is now enjoying the success for all the work it has done over the past 50 years.

The winegrowers behind the wine

Serge Faust began the process of converting his vines in 1968. Three full years were needed to clean up the soil and complete the ecological conversion. In 1972, José Ardinat joined him at the helm of the family estate and supported him in his self-taught approach. Contrasting with the productivist logic that prevailed in Champagne at the time, the foundations for a viticulture that respects the land were laid by Serge Faust and José Ardinat. Through their efforts, they set the standards of the Ardinat Faust Organic Champagne approach.

Today, what was originally only a novel and "improvised" method of cultivation is now seen as the foundation of the Nature & Progress label to which the Ardinat Faust champagne was added in 1984. Since 1997, new blood has joined the team with the arrival of Christophe Ardinat, the second winegrower of the new House, renamed Ardinat Faust.

Organic champagne in everyday life

In accordance with the principles of organic viticulture, no chemicals are used on the entire estate of the Ardinat Faust House. When the harvest approaches, samples are taken from the vines regularly to evaluate the health and maturity of the grapes. The harvest schedule of the parcels is then adapted to the characteristics of each vintage. Furthermore, no filtering occurs before the bottling process in order to preserve all the natural aromas and the body of the wine.

The features of the Ardinat Faust Champagne

This family business is characterized by the importance it gives to the preservation of the champagne’s natural aromas. After they mature, the wines aren’t filtered in order to preserve the natural content of the traditionally pressed juices. The greatest feature of the Ardinat Faust Champagne is the absence of wines from different harvests. Each harvest being different, the House has chosen to let the flavors of its champagnes vary slightly over the years, allowing us to rediscover the authentic aromas of the champagne.

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